Chevy makes a connection — then loses it.

I'd love to show you the latest Chevy Traverse ad, a charming spot featuring a father taking his daughter for a spin. It resonated with me at a time when so many car (and Chevy in particular) spots are noise or a complete turnoff.

This spot actually tells a story.  But you can't see it here because GM has disabled embedding of their YouTube properties.

I suppose I could link to it, but I'm very hesitant — why direct traffic to Chevy's YouTube channel when they won't reciprocate with content?

Disabled embedding is disabling sharing. The spot in question has a paltry 7,376 views after being on YouTube for a month. Compare that with the ridiculously inane viral video for Geico that has been on YouTube for a similar amount of time that has had over 370,000 views.

Granted, the Geico video is a bit more ... 'creative', but that's not necessarily a good thing.

What is GM afraid of? People seeing their spots in places other than GM-approved sites? More eyeballs matter. You would think a company suckling from the government bailout life support teet would understand that. 

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