F-it. Let's just rip off Apple.

Shame on Universal Studios and their agency partners TM in Dallas for basically lifting the premise of this Apple Christmas spot  and using to promote the 'best vacation ever.'  Smartphone-obsessed teen? Check. Parents concerned about their child's disinterest? Check.  Twist ending where teen uses phone to create some sort of tribute/connection? Check.

There's a chance this spot was in production simultaneously with the Apple spot, but I doubt it.

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The most unbelievable commercial ever made.

Jennifer "Jenny from the Block" Lopez in a sub-$22k Fiat 500 driving around the Bronx?

Yeah, that happens.

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Making of the Chipotle spot

Lots of work goes into creating things that are awesome. Tell your clients.
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Back to the Start

This is nicely done.
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Getafe - Donación de Esperma

This is enough to make me learn Spanish.
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MFCEO Kenny Powers Rated R

Konichiwa, bitches.
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Vintage car ads

Compliments of Brain Pickings.
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Mother New York Moves

Exactly what we'd do.
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Billy Collins poems made even more awesome.

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Skittles Fly 45

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Dot. The world's smallest stop-motion animation character shot on a Noki...

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Jameson | Fire

Storytelling at its finest.
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Show off.

"The Entrance" 

Heineken drinkers are multi-talented people, people. Entertaining, slightly enchanting, and a refreshing change of pace for a beer spot.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam
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Portland Cello Project Covering Kanye West "All of the Lights"

This is rather awesome.
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Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

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