You, too, can be a Crash Test Dummy.

Not the musical variety (Hmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmm?), but one with a POV of a 35 MPH crash into an offset concrete barrier, courtesy of Ford at the New York Auto Show.  

A crashed-and-smashed 2008 Taurus will be an interactive display at the show, and will allow visitors to see first-hand what a dummy sees if it had eyes, a brain, optic nerve, etc.

This is nice thinking from Ford. Sure, there will be shiny waxed and polished Tauruses on display, too (ho hum.), but using an actual test car to demonstrate the safety features (Five Star, natch) is sure to make an impact (pun intended, losers!) 

Who knows, maybe we can extend this kind of thinking to our client's tradeshow needs, with something like this.

Autoblog has the details.

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