Hal Riney, 1932-2008

From Advertising Age's The Advertising Century:

Riney's unique body of work celebrates, implicitly, if not flat-out, the American spirit and voice — often his own, deep honey-coated voice-over. For Saturn cars, Crocker Bank, Alamo car rentals, Henry Weinhard beers, Gallo (with front porch stars Bartles & Jaymes) and "Morning in America" for Ronald Reagan's re-election campaign. Riney's words and pictures conveyed sincerity, warmth, and credibility. He was recruited from Botsford Ketchum by David Ogilvy and opened O&M's San Francisco office in 1976. In 1986, he took over the office, renaming it Hal Riney & Partners, and went on to mastermind GM's Saturn introduction with dazzling success. Often imitated, never surpassed, Riney's work achieved larger-than-life levels of creative excellence.

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