The Official Ad Badger Super Bowl Commercial Craptacular

Super Bowl XLII (42 for you not versed in Roman Numeralness) took place in Glendale, Arizona last night and the New York Football Giants (as opposed to the New York Badminton Giants) upset the highly-touted New England Patriots. Of course there's more to the game than the game. There's the commercials. You know, the ones that cost in the neighborhood of 2.8 million per thirty second spot? Let's take a look at a few of those 30-second money pits, shall we?

Fed Ex Pigeons

Let's see, FedEx is better than carrier pigeons. In 2008? Who woulda thunk it? Really? I'm shocked, because, I was thinking carrier pigeons were clearly the way of the future. Production values trump idea content, which is no surprise for Super Bowl Sunday.

Bridgestone Avoiding Squirrels

See what they did there? Wait, is this a Saab ad? Tire ads can be so confusing.

Diet Pepsi Max Roxbury

Best Super Bowl ad, circa 1996.

Tide-to-Go Talking Stain

Best of this limited bunch. Good work considering it's coming from P&G.

Bridgestone Avoiding Cooper & Simmons

I would have hit Richard Simmons.

Doritos Mouse Trap

Shitty apartment. Shittier concept.

Coca-Cola Jinx

Who knew Bill Frist could act?

Coca-Cola It's Mine

I'm doubting nothing can ever trump Happiness Factory.

Audi R8 Godfather

Decent spot, but does it reach the right target audience? Are the people who buy Rolls Royces the same who would buy the R8?

Under Armor Us vs. Them

Nothing like Fashion Fascism, or Fascionism. There. I invented a new word! Remind me not to live in Under Armor Town ... it looks sweaty and painful.

Planters Instinctively Good

More like instinctively bad. See Nuts, Emerald for better legume creative.

See Spotbowl 2008 for the rest, including the perhaps unintentionally racist SalesGenie.com ads (you'll find them at the bottom of the page.)
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